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Sat 25 Jun 2022

About us

The McCarthy-Dixon family started a food bank when the COVID-19 pandemic hit Northampton to help alleviate hunger and provide essential supplies. This quickly developed into a multi-faceted charity for the whole community. The McCarthy-Dixon Foundation aims to improve the standard of living and wellbeing for all local residents and we need your help and support to do that.

We offer a number of different services and each of them can only survive if we continue to receive regular donations and support. We urge to only give what you can, be it a one off donation or a monthly payment we'd be delighted to receive your help.

Monday Club
Since the outbreak, many people in Northampton were deprived of spending time with others; this weekly club was created to bring the community out of isolation and to start to socialise again. The event runs every Monday and 60+ guest come and enjoy live music, dancing, a bite to eat, arts & crafts, card games, board games and more in a friendly and welcoming environment, why not come along for a visit yourself?

Doorstep Buddies
Aimed towards those in our community who are most isolated, we've created a doorstep buddies service where one of our friendly volunteers drops by to visit residents for a quick chat and to make sure they are coping ok.

Food Bank
Dedicated to supporting a selection of the most vulnerable members of our local society, the Food Bank distributes much needed food packages and breakfast boxes via the school network along with a range of community, council and NHS groups that we also support (such as The Northamptonshire Community Mental Health Team, Victims of Domestic Violence etc.).

Food Larder
Our Food Larder is open to all and offers affordable shopping for everyone. We feel that no-one should go without and we're working hard to make sure our community is fed. Come along yourselves and buy a basket of any 8 items for £5 or a basket of any 16 items for £10.

Cookery Classes
We offer a range of classes to help those on a low budget to make tasty, nutritious meals using the ingredients they can afford. From menu planning to cooking on a budget these courses help local residents to feel confident in their own kitchen.

As a charity for the whole community, there are various other services we provide. For further information please visit our website on 

We need your help so we can continue to offer and even expand our service!

Thank you for your support and good luck!

The McCarthy-Dixon Foundation

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£25,000 grand prize

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