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13 July 2024

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Sat 06 Jul 2024

About us

Home-Start Northampton is a voluntary organisation committed to promoting the welfare of families, living in the Borough of Northampton, who have at least one child under the age of five. 

Being a parent has never been easy. It can be lonely, frustrating, heart-breaking and overwhelming. All parents struggle at one time or another. For some, the challenges can be greater. Our volunteers offer regular support, friendship, and practical help to families, under stress, preventing family crises and breakdown.

Families ask for our support for many reasons: they may be facing postnatal illness, multiple births, a disability, poor mental health, family breakdown, financial hardship, domestic abuse, substance misuse, bereavement, isolation, a lack of confidence or poor self-esteem.  We offer a unique bespoke service, our support is informal, non-judgemental, and confidential; delivered through carefully selected and prepared volunteers, who are parents themselves. Our volunteers visit families in the privacy of their own home for 2-3 hours each week. Home-Start Northampton believes that children need a happy and secure childhood and that parents play a crucial role in giving their children a good start in life, helping them achieve their full potential. Through the offer of emotional and practical help to parents with young children, Home-Start Northampton supports parents to grow in confidence, improve their ability to cope, strengthen their relationships with their children, and widen their links within the local community. 

By selecting Home-Start Northampton when purchasing your lottery ticket, you are enabling us to continue to support local families, and for that we are so very grateful. Thanks to your help, our support can make a difference to the families and children of today, tomorrow and beyond.

Thank you for your kind support. Wishing you the best of luck!

From Bernie and all the team at Home-Start Northampton.

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